Hello, and welcome to Your Science Direct.


We are a Registered Business based in Saskatoon Saskatchewan Canada under the name Jordan's Sourcing, we offer quality ISO9001-2015 certified lab glass that meets the quality of leading brands in bulk quantities. We also offer high quality unbranded microscopes at great prices. The site is still growing and more items are being added regularly.

We will ship smaller glass orders but the cost of freight is very high for small orders.

We also offer sourcing of Chemical Reagents and Laboratory Equipment please inquire at purchasing@jordanssourcing.ca

How our Shop Works

You will see a price on the item page that is hashed out, that is a guideline to the price for smaller orders, bulk order get better pricing and freight scales nicely with order size.

Select your items and place them in your shopping cart. Within 1 day of you checking out you will receive an email quote to the address you signed up with your your items.

if you agree on the quote you will receive a payment link of your choice from one of the following options.

Credit Card through the Square Payment Portal.

Those in Canada have the luxury of payment using Email Money Transfer.

Everywhere customers can pay using a Bank to Bank Wire Transfer which is secure and safe for both parties as your personal bank is involved.

I prepare to have shipments sent Monday mornings after the money has cleared and should be shipped Tuesday but unforeseen circumstances may extend expected times.