Ordering & Payments

Order & Payment Policy

The minimum order size is $100USD, though after adjusting the final price may be lower which is fine.

When you check out after making a purchase your order is sent to our our order department. A Freight estimate is determined, usually within 1 day and a quote for products plus shipping is sent to the email you used to sign up.

We feel this is the best method as it ensures that the customer knows that a human has looked at the order and processed it, as well, no money changes hands until the customer is satisfied with the agreement.

We offer bulk pricing too, pleas inquire at purchasing@jordanssourcing.com with your address and desired bulk order and you will receive a quote.


Payment methods we prefer to accept are, within Canada Email Money Transfer, for outside Canada Bank Wire Transfer, also secure. Since both methods are secure and Bank to Bank, it allows tracking payment and recovering a returned payment easier for the customer.

All countries Credit Card via the Secure Square gateway.

We will also accept PayPal, but really prefer not to.