Expansion Adapter -Borosilicate 3.3


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Sometime a piece has a different sized glass joint from the other item in use, that is where an expansion adapter comes in handy.

We offer expansion adapters in several variations. Our glass does not come form China and made by a ISO9001-2015 certified manufacturer. Customization is available on large or bulk orders.


14/23(M) to 19/26(F), 14/23(M) to 24/29(F), 14/23(M) to 29/32, 19/26(M) to 24/29(F), 19/26(M) to 29/32(F), 19/26(M) to 34/35(F), 24/29(M) to 29/32(F), 24/29(M) to 34/35(F), 24/29(M) to 40/38(F), 29/32(M) to 34/35(F), 29/32(M) to 45/40(F)


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